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Monday, January 17, 2005

No Seconds For Troy

Idea for a poem: lady likes the bagpipes. No euphemism, she likes the music. This one guy, Troy, learns to play the bagpipes in order to impress this lady, until he finds out she's not much of a lady - in fact, this lady's been giving it away to some other guy! But now Troy knows how to play the bagpipes, sort of. So he stands outside the slutty lady's house and plays the bagpipes. He gives it all he's got! He plays those bagpipes like he's never played before! He plays and he shakes and the tears course down his cheeks like rain! But the lady is not at home. She had an acupuncture appointment. Then she's having lunch with Denise.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the whole, speaking as a poet (albeit a very, very terrible one) I prefer the poem WITH the euphemism; it is, after all, such a poetical word.

- stephenesque

2:52 PM  

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