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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Vineyard Secrets Partially Revealed

I have recently received inquiries regarding my private vineyard. All my wine is Blanc; all grape skins are peeled away by my man-slaves. I consider grape skins unimportant. I sell them to other vineyards. Frankly, I do not make my own wine either. I find “making things” boring. I maintain my vineyard primarily in order to boss my man-slaves around. I like telling people what to do. I am a born leader, like Niyazov or Steisand. I bankroll my fledgling empire through the sale of grape skins. To each her own - and to me, more. More for me. More for me! Does this mean less for you? Not necessarily.

Note to self - Future projects for man-slaves:
-Build larger pyramids for me and my cats
-Row galley 2x faster


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