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Monday, December 20, 2004

Great, Another Thing I Messed Up

I really screwed up this time. This post made me want to come clean about the blog payola schemes in which I am currently embroiled. I am slightly-to-moderately ashamed of myself. I have been paid to tout the following Reputable Entities:

Trembly-Foolby brand spats in mouse-gray and nailbed-pink
John Boy Electric Toothbrush
Whoopsie-Daisy Airgun Litigation Kit
Dr. Diggenheimer's Foolproof Gravesite Backhoe
Greg Toole's Tools for Fools Kid's Dehydrated Food Drive
The Matrix 4: Whoa, Who Laid One? starring Lionels Barrymore and Ritchie
Le Creuset

I have failed these Reputable Entities. I promised to talk them up in exchange for a dray horse and two silos of the grain of my choice. I accepted these amazing gifts and I neglected to push the stuff on my readers! I'm worried that they'll want their gifts back! Please, folks. Support my payola masters. I've already used up a lot of that grain (I chose spelt) and I talk to that dray horse every day. We talk so much! Horse talk, you know. We're like sisters, but without all of the screaming and hair-pulling. I don't want to lose my wonderful illegal gifts. Why not buy a nice gravesite backhoe for your ball and chain? 'Tis the season. Your boss would love the John Boy Electric Toothbrush. The toothpaste is in the handle! Please, help me out here!


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