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Thursday, November 04, 2004

I May Watch TV Tonight

Do you know what? It's 10:45 and I'm not even tired yet, not one bit! I thought I might watch that Dwight Eisenhower documentary on the History Channel. The way I see it, you can never know too much about America's premiere president billionaire movie producer aviator hypochondriac hermit paranoid. I watch every Eisenhower documentary I can find. I generally loathe the cinema, but Eisenhower's film Hell's Angels is probably one of my favorites. I hope to get a chance to watch it someday.

When I watch an Eisenhower documentary, I always tear up when they get to the part where Eisenhower tries to break Lindbergh's flying records, because Lindbergh lost that baby and Amelia Earhart disappeared, too. And the Spruce Goose stuff confuses the heck out of me. I like the part where the phobic Eisenhower holes up in Las Vegas with tissue boxes on his feet; it's weird, because I hide out in a germ-free zone also! Evidently he did a lot of drugs at the end of his life, and I think that's sad. We should take better care of our aging presidents. We can't keep letting them die in Vegas with hypodermic needle fragments in their arms.


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