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Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Good Life Is Mine

Now that I have a sailboat named "Sweet Trooper Boopie Swee," I will probably take a vacation. I should probably go somewhere with water. Can I take Sweet Trooper Boopie Swee white-water rafting? What a daredevil I am now that I own a boat. Can I bungee jump onto Sweet Trooper Boopie Swee from the Tallahatchee Bridge? If I want to land on my boat, I'd better not attach the bungee to the bridge. Folk Songwriters, take notice: why not write a song about me bungee jumping off the Tallahatchee Bridge onto Sweet Trooper Boopie Swee? I can already almost hear the tune. No, wait! Make it ragtime-y! Ahhhh, perfect.


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