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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Sarah, Plain and Tall and Anemic

Once, in the days of yore, my blue-white chum Margurite successfully made fun of "Sarah, Plain and Tall." Nobody has presented me with a successful "Sarah, Plain and Tall" joke since then. I do not remember the joke, only that is was made, and that I roared, and fell out of my seat.

I say, do you recall the defunct commercials that offered succor to those women afflicted with "iron-poor blood?" The narrator was an overtly southern woman, so it must have been more like "eye-un po' blud." Has science eliminated the scourge of iron-poor blood? I haven't seen an iron-poor blood commercial in years, and yet I can't erase the memory. Sweet memory, always giving. It gives like a mother, or a weak floorboard. Oof, I think I ate too much ice cream.


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