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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

It Was a Black Day in Topic Drift Country

Today was the most confounding day I've faced all month. I didn't have a proper lunch, I stepped in dog poo, I forgot some cheese in my shared desk drawer and I had to haul back to work to retrieve it after hours, and at the office a man on the phone threatened, "I'm gonna come down there and choke you, bitch." Oi, I nearly died of shock!! Fortunately, the man thought he had phoned Walgreens. That lurid threat was not even meant for me! At any rate, this is why women ought not to work outside the home. Happy Anniversary, Outer Life! Send money!


Blogger Chris Cope said...

I'm really sorry about yelling at you. When you said that you didn't sell Hairbo gummy bears, I just saw this white light in the center of my vision and kinda lost it.

10:02 AM  

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