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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Ive Had It's Up To Hear With Typos

Do you know what chafes my hide time and time again? My constant and grievous typos. And do you know what else? The typos that hurt the most are the ones I don't catch. They they slip by me like teh gravy river in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Or maybe that weas chocolate? Lets not splitt hairs over it, the point is that I can barely sleep at knight for the grievous typos that infest my typing. Remember that lady "Dolores Something" from Stephen King's Dolores Something? She broke that guy's ankles so he cou;dn't leave her house! That's what I'm going to do! Break some poor guys ankles! And that broken-ankle-guy is going to scan my posts for typos before I post them! Super genius. That should at clear up this irritating little problem. When hes not correcting my copy, he will launder all od my delicate hand washables, though not my smalls. Those are prvate! e


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