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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Sunday, Again

I wasn't going to look at my computer at all today, but then I had to look because I was cold and I was hungry and when I cried out, no one answered me - not even the Lord. I was a little offended that even the Lord neglected to answer when I cried out, so I checked his blog, and wouldn't you know it, the Lord doesn't blog on weekends. What is he, full of himself? Too good to blog on a Saturday? Sunday I can understand. That's his me-time, that's when he works on his microbrews, tries so fix the toaster, etc. No big whoop, I guess. But no blogging on Saturdays? Is that just lazy, or what? I had some ideas about dancehall reggae that I thought he'd be interested in, but I guess that'll have to wait until Monday. I'll probably forget my ideas by then, too. Maybe I'll just jot them on a stickie.


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