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Monday, December 13, 2004


I noticed that there is a Successories store in the Mall of America now. I am thinking of buying the poster that says “Productivity: Why don’t we all die right now and leave our corpses for the janitor?” It depicts a seagull pooping on a young girl’s open-faced roast beef sandwich at a shore picnic. The girl is seated at a picnic table, smiling and watching a beautiful nerd do his Statistics homework at the other end of the table. She harbors a secret crush on this fellow. She doesn’t see the seagull poop dropping into her sandwich yet. But we see it. We know what happens when you have a crush on a nerd at a shore picnic. Oh, the horror.


Blogger Lucy said...

Are you not up YET? I am so bored. It is 5.17pm on Thursday, Dec 15th here in Ireland (It could be July or something elsewhere; I really don't get time differences). Hurry along there Esther, I need a diversion!

11:18 AM  

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