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Friday, September 17, 2004

Game Plan: Friday

Will I motor over to the arcade for 30 minutes of Mortal Kombat? No, I won't. Will I visit the tolerant Girl Scout troop in the rectory basement, inhale a chocolate cupcake, and construct an angel out of q-tips and milk jug caps? No, not that. Will I sit silently at the edge of the loveseat and dream of beautiful show horses or leprechauns pouring gold bullion into my shoe? No way, Jose. It's my day off. I'm not doing ANY of the usual things. Today I will instruct Fat Old Molly to beat all the carpets, scour the hobo symbols off our gate, and plait Jenny's doll's hair. That will give me time to light a candle and meditate over a daguerreotype of my grandmother. I will also be shopping at Southdale. I need some jeans.


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