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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Is Topic Drift Too Drifty?

Is Topic Drift is at a crossroads? Is it good enough, smart enough? Does it need a new “thing?” Does it need a unifying theme, a “thing?” Here are some of the new blog themes that Topic Drift is considering. It's a pity I can't use them all.

Computer Gaming
“Random Musings”
Liberals Ruin Everything
Magic Tricks
My Secret Sorrow
My Child is Different
I Am So Bored
That’s A Spicy Meatball
My Trip to the Pyrenees
I Love Josh Wallberg from Algebra (period 2)
I’m Super Opposed to Capitalism
I Have This Terrible Disease + Peanut Allergies
I’m Quitting!
Time to Feed Uncle Phil
I Used to Be So Mean But Now I’m Nice
Sniff Along with Me as I Take the Old Spice Challenge
Dude I Barely Remember Cancun
Tort Reform
I’m Japanese but I Live in London
Diana Barry is my Bosom Friend
Graffiti is Art & Skateboarding is not a Crime
What Celebrities Eat
I Want To Clarify that I Was Born In the Wrong Century
I Want To Clarify that I Was Born In the Wrong Country
That Man Ruined My Life
I Write Poems
Soup Recipes
Stop Fluoridation Now! Plus No More Mumps Jabs!


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