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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Eh, Cry For Me All You Want

I wasn't going to write this post, but I couldn't have the Anne Boleyn post at the top of Topic Drift for another minute. I don't want any brainy dynamo reading that post and thinking, "Who cares? Who is this 'person' who thinks that I care which Henry VIII wife she wants to be? Who cares about her? She's not famous, as far as I can tell! Is she trying to jump start her own cult of personality? Good Luck!"

So I wilted into the upholstery for about two toots, and then admitted to myself that, yes, I was trying to jump start a cult of personality with that post. It's not easy, this cult. I haven't the finances. I thought I'd start small. I must have the people on my side! My cult of personality starter points:

1. I now pause at all windows, lean out, and wave both of my hands above my head gracefully. No more crazylady waving for me. And no more scuffed shoes!
2. I've sketched gorgeous thumbnails of my proposed gigantic face banners.
3. All of my ball gowns are now in dry cleaning rotation.
4. Soul searching: do I want to marry a charismatic man? Or do I proceed under my own steam?
5. Should I be loved or feared? Welcomed or secretly despised? Think about this.
6. Do great damage, or have great damage done unto me? Think about this.
7. Three words: Slogans Slogans Slogans! I need something better than "Beef: It's what's For Dinner" and "Reach For a Lucky Instead of a Sweet." Those two slogans have borne me thus far, but I need something with real passion.
8. This might not work in America. Ideas: Monaco, Guatamala, Nova Scotia, Israel, North Dakota...oof, keep thinking.


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