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Friday, December 31, 2004

A Nice Cup of Herbal Tea

Normally, I consider herbal tea a waste of time, but tonight I was feeling wasteful, so I threw some empty salsa jars into the garbage instead of the recycling bin; then I made chamomile tea. The tea bag had a string with a thingy on the dry end, and the thingy said "Know that whatever you are doing is the most beautiful thing." So I lit a cigarette and read it again. "I am doing the most beautiful thing," I said aloud, and put my fist through the drywall. "I am doing the most beautiful thing," I said again, and sent the sofa through the picture window. "I am doing the most beautiful thing," I thought, as I rummaged around for my softball bat. I couldn't find my bat, so I settled for my five iron. I walked outside and started smashing windshields, trees, yard santas, Wellstone signs, but mostly cars, cars, cars. "KNOW THAT WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING!" I shrieked as I worked my way up and down Emerson Avenue, demolishing everything in my path. I believe the Taoists refer to such a smash-path as "the middle path."

By the time I was done smashing, my tea was ready to drink. Relaxing, chamomile tea is. Perhaps I spoke hastily when I said herbal tea was a waste of time.


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