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Friday, January 21, 2005

I Felt the Icy Hand of Death

Harrowing morning. I couldn't get my blog to load until I removed the TLB ecosystem link. Then I couldn't find my Friday socks. Damned if I was going to wear Saturday socks on a Friday. Saturday socks have acrylic fibers; Friday is cotton-only. Somebody has to stand up for what they believe in around here, and it might as well be me.


Blogger Misspent Life said...

I wear vertically striped boxers with earth toned trousers and diagonally striped boxers with dark colored trousers. On weekends I do not wear a completely different cut of undertrousers. If my laundry routine (which is great when performed by Ethel Merman) is messed up it is not a pretty sight (especially so with Ethel).

12:25 PM  

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