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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Generic Diflucan For All!

Who cares?  They ought to be selling it over the counter.  You see, everything should be sold over the counter.  Arsenic, heroin, uranium, leaded gasoline, organic produce, tiny Chinese toys with no age warnings, civil war-era cannons, latex gloves, Tab soda, babies, and so forth.  In reaction to this terrible market freedom, we would perforce break up into small "fear tribes" and fight each other to the death.  Some of us will sack Rome.  Some of us will live in bailey huts and exchange our farming and fighting skills for the protection of of the local lord.  Most of us will wrap our homes in thirty or forty layers of barbed wire and live off canned meat and the flesh of dead relatives.  It's not a pretty picture.  Let's pretend I never brought it up.  Here is a pretty picture:

This is the best show ever!  Today, Ferny thought he wasn't really Irish because his dad came from Spain!  Piggley thought he was ultra Irish because HIS parents were Irish, but then his Mom told him that Granny was from Germany!  Dannan discovered that she was also Danish and Welsh!  Then Cobi Jones showed up and drove the point home somehow!  Jakers!  JAKERS!


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