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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Mayor Goldie Wilson Is Going To Clean Up This Town

I have a radical idea that will blow your minds. I’m going to buy an entire city block and raze it. Then I’m going to put in a Hard Rock Café, a Cold Stone Creamery, an arcade, a parking garage, a fantastic cinema, and so forth. Ha! Criticize me then! I will be the boss of you. I will permit you to loiter outside my fantasy compound, but you will have to wear one of the following uniforms: 1) nylon skullcap, a humungous jersey, roomy trousers and some really terrific shoes, or 2) a relaxed, button-down pastel shirt, black or brown wrinkle-free slacks (you must refer to them as “slacks”), brown scuffed shoes, and reading material. If you conform not to my uniform restrictions, I will set my hounds upon you. Actually, I already hate this idea. Forget I brought it up. And if you steal my mind-blowing idea, and I see my rejected idea come to fruition, I will be heartily wroth. I will set my hounds upon you.


Blogger kari said...

but can you deny the tasty goodness of the creamery? they mix the damn stuff, right before your eyes!

8:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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