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Friday, September 17, 2004

Fae Wellington's The Casting Call

Will the fat ever feel satisfied after eating reasonable dinners? No, and neither will the skinny. The fat and the skinny will fight in out in a lurid end times saber-clashing bloodbath. Sky of fire and all that. By the way, I have opened a talent agency called "Fae Wellington's The Agency of Master Talent." Initial consultation is free, though good luck to you, for we have no office hours and probably never will. We are, as industry insiders say, "greatly in demand." We choose to orchestrate our talent pool from the great outdoors, as we find it difficult to tear ourselves away from Nature's Masterpiece. "We" meaning the office staff: me, Valerie B., Valerie M., and Antony Jr. We pose at the lake in immodest dress and/or robes. Some call us a cult, and it's true that we do have non-profit status. At any rate, we are casting the Fat vs. Skinny End Time Clash next week. Show up at the lake for an audition. If you're right for a part, you'll know which lake to converge upon. Come on over, wear white and have a cuddle.


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