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Thursday, November 18, 2004


Some of you are probably thinking about buying the new Shraddle-T-Caster 4X1. Don't bother! It's a piece of crap, inside and out. First of all, it does not regulate it's own temperature, and you'll be burned silly if you tamper with the G2 Loingirding mechanism while the Flirtenfurter is switched on. Secondly, it does not offer a clear wolf whistle when a lady of comely mien strides by. You will have to do that manually. Thirdly, nobody has ever deciphered the hieroglyphics inside the Casual Whumpus Commander, so nobody knows how to manipulate the toggle that trips the switch that tweaks the Scorn/Boompus Throttle. I give this gadget a straight D minus. The only reason it's not a F is that you can buy a Hello Kitty faceplate to replace the boring translucent black one that comes with the set.


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