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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Welcome Home, Harriet!

Dear Harriet,

Glad you made it out of the hospital alive - and with two new babies! Don't try to sell me one, I have enough on my hands with Harry and his bunions. He hasn't left the bed in two days. I've been sleeping standing up in the linen closet. Best sleep I've had in years.

I know you asked me to take in your mail when you were at the hospital, but I didn't see the point in that. It was all bills. I didn't know you had a platinum visa! You can take us out to Sergio's next week. I'm on one of those Beach diets. I forget which one. All I know is that I can't eat chestnuts or plankton.

I have a stack of ironing the size of the grassy knoll waiting for me. Incidentally, I helped myself to MY Ann-Margret record, the one you borrowed when Chet was born. Funny how I found it in your pile of eBay stuff. You got some nerve, Harriet. That record is signed.

All the best,



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