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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I Shall Have My Revenge

I had intended to post something by now, but I am in a state of aggravated panic. Much of my panic stems from posting nothing of consequence, but more importantly, I am concerned about the fuzzy line between patience and cowardice. None of my trousers fit, and I've been meaning to start a row with someone about it. Specifically, I've been meaning to accuse Germaine Greer of puncturing me with a fondue fork. Insufferable ogress.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm compelled to comment, and yet what could be said here, in this atmosphere of idiosyncratic blurbles. it's an interesting bus stop, this blogging, and i suspect we'll never know anything about each other, not really. which in a spasm of irony is probably responsible for the structure and tone of your observations.
but, i want to relate anyhow.
though i'm contented as a stranger i'd like to think we'd share the same expression after witnessing someone fall down a staircase into a fishcart. and so i must comment, if only to suggest an intimate smile from across a room as they pull the clumsy dope from the fish.
this is how i will smile from now on.
famous quotes.
i suspect they will only compliment the pathos of your musings.
so here we go:

every mile is two in winter.
george herbert
maybe after a couple years of this we'll think ourselves capable of drinking a stoli raspberry soda in public together.

2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops i didn't sign off.

there. pardon me.

2:19 PM  

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