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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Continental Breakfast Does Not Include Sausages of Any Kind

Would have posted sooner, but my coffee didn’t show up until ten o’clock. Was going to tell you a true story of darkest calumny on the morris dancing circuit, but never mind all that. The good news is I just kicked a fine 5”x 8” hole in the wall; the bad news is I can now see and hear the pasty chortlers and haw-haw men on the other side, so I’d better check out of this hotel toot sweet.


Blogger Ivan the Terrible said...

On the road again Esther? Ah, you subtle sybarite you, always flitting hither and yon, extracting the finer things in life from your ever-changing surroundings like the nectar from an exotic flower. Which would make you some kind of enormous bee, I suppose.

On my first business trip to Amsterdam I stayed at the Hotel Kok, situated in the middle of what turned out to be that sickening Sodom's gay district. I soon learnt that sausages were very much on the menu at any time of day, and indeed that one had to go to great lengths to avoid a serving with breakfast, whether you ordered them or not.

On the plus side, all the bathrooms came supplied with ready-made holes in the wall, which I considered quite thoughtful. Personally I refuse to dirty my Louis Vuitton pumps with kicking holes in walls. It's too much like manual labour for my tastes.

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