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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

My Blog Was Lost All Day

Wuuf, was I worried about you! I couldn't find my way into my free blog, and I didn't know if I would ever see you again. Chances are I've never seen you, but I don't mind.

If I could scan maps, I would draw maps and scan them for you. You know, I would post them on this site. That way, you would have a general or specific idea of where I have been and where I could be. For example, I could be going here or there. I might look into this mighty configuration of an idea. It is a very vague, futile idea. I might be able to draw you vague, futile maps someday. The best I can do for now is this: each letter is one city block, and the letter tells you the direction I walked.

(start here, home)SSS,WWWW,S,W,stop(bank),S,E,S,stop(buy 2 books),N,N,E,E,E,E,E,stop(buy hot dogs),N,N,N,stop(end,eat lunch)

Immaculate. During the trip mapped above, I did not run into any killer motorists, vote! people, yelling guys, greenpeace yellowshirts, sociopaths with their genitalia outside of their pants, or lightening sidewalk bicyclists. So it was an unusual trip.


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