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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

He Empties the Sack of Ears in a Fit of Needless Drama

I was just remembering that one poem by that one woman. It concerned some Columbian or Salvadorian magnifico and a sack of human ears. Grisly. The fellow empties a bag of ears in a fit of needless drama, and some of the ears are cupped to the ground, "listening" or some such nonsense. Supposed to be a warning in there somewhere, with the glass in the walls and the ears like peach halves, etcetera. Anyway, who is this poet? Don't make me Google his ridiculous poem, people. It had better not be the work of that barbarous Sharon Olds.

I think it was a prose poem. Uncivilized, prose poems. I hate them so.

UPDATE: It was Carolyn Forche. Thank you, all zero of you who volunteered this vital information. Your replies fell like pecan pies from the pie-gravid clouds.

The internets tell me that Nick Lachey is 5'10". How can this be? Jessica Simpson is only 5'3"; he should tower over her, yet tower he doesn't. Perhaps I'm not taking her heels into account. Perhaps he wears heels also, like Prince or Louis XIV. Well, I'm 5'10" too; if I ever meet this madman Lachey, I shall insist that we both remove our shoes and stare each other directly in the eye. If he refuses to remove his shoes, I will know that he is an impostor. "I can't remove my heels - I'm wearing my holey socks, and we're standing on a patch of pigeon poo," he might whine. Impostor!


Blogger noisy ghost said...

Sack of human ears . . . . That gives me a great idea!

7:24 AM  
Blogger ProfShade said...

I took a graduate course with Carolyn Forche. It was far less interesting than a bag full of ears.

11:19 AM  

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