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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Look at Me

I made up these fine jokes to tell at parties. Everyone will laugh if you tell them at parties, too. USE EXACT WORDING, DO NOT CHANGE A SINGLE WORD OR YOU WILL RUIN THESE JOKES. First you ask the question, then pause and look everyone in the eye, then hit them with the punchline. If I ever go to a party, you can bet I'll be using these jokes on all the party people. I will also tell them in the office if I get a chance.

Joke #1. Why girls not play guitar? Calluses
Joke #2. Why Spaniards play guitar? Don't know
Joke #3. Why joke not funny? They are funny, you are stupid
Joke #4. Why dog sleep on couch? To rest for the party
Joke #5. Why president? Don't argue with me
Joke #6. Why dog sit on towel? It is true, he did
Joke #7. Why man ignore me? Gay or just busy
Joke #8. Why cranberries on turkey dinner? To get to the other side
Joke #9. Why frika fraka brika braka? Secret sauce


Anonymous Old Horsetail Snake said...

This is got to be the funnest joke system in the world.

No. 10: Why the molehill of the mountain? Key of B-flat.

Oh, well....

8:56 PM  
Blogger Rob Miles said...

This reminds me of the FUNNIEST JOKE IN ALL THE WORLD:

A woman goes into a shop and asks for a loaf of bread. The shopkeeper asks if she wants white or brown. The woman replies (are you ready for this) "It's OK. I've got the bike outside"

Works for me every time.

7:19 AM  

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