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Saturday, August 21, 2004

I Ask the Tough Questions

I tried Bissli snacks. I tried the Falafel and Smokey varieties. These snacks are passable, but I won’t eat them again soon. Why? Because I prefer pretzels and because I do not fit into the Bissli target audience, which consists of “Teenagers, especially the media buffs who are constantly seeking real time change and up-dates. Main areas of interest–everything media-related from music and sports to fashion and computers.” I am no teenager, and my main areas of interest are avoiding hassle and finding Lord Lucan. I say, where is that man? Is he in Mexico City? How does he meet his prescription eyewear needs? Does he suffer gout? Does he enjoy low-cholesterol wheat-based party snacks, such as Bissli? These are the sort of radical, hard-boiled questions that we ought to be asking at this late stage, and for some reason, I appear to be the only person asking them.


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