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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Slightly Ruined

Wait, I have an even better idea for a movie. It’s like the movie Waitress in that it’s a lighthearted look at poverty, adultery, pie, and domestic abuse, except MY movie will feature a band of ape men on an olde tyme horse-drawn firetruck that keeps pulling up to the action and dousing the actors until they run off the set in tears. You can’t tell if the actors are crying tears or just dripping water, but why should I care? Stupid Felicity movie, you die now.

Anyway, does anyone want to buy my old go-fast boat? I’m selling it cheap due to its slightly ruined state. The next time I smuggle I’m going to be LOOKING WHERE I’M GOING instead of showing off for my smugglees by steering with my bare feet.

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